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Specialized SMM agency

Sold for 1 billion

kitchens and other custom-made furniture

> 70 million rubles

Our spending on social media campaigns

excluding the cost of our work.


We know how to work not just with large, but with very large budgets.

Our current monthly advertising budget exceeds 4 million rubles.

> 8 years of experience

The agency was founded in 2014.


Huge experience in a wide variety of niches. There are projects that we have been conducting for over 3 years.

We started doing SMM before the advent of all kinds of courses.


Professional team, we stand at the origins of the market.

> 100,000 leads

For all the time we worked with the niche of kitchens, cabinets and similar custom-made furniture, we brought our clients

more than 35,000 leads from interested buyers.

Most of the leads were received from kitchens with an average check "average" and "average +".

Sales conversion up to 30%.


We have moved away from technology



For the last 3 years we have been specializing in kitchens, furniture and real estate.


We have developed methods, cases and we know the target audience thoroughly.

Наши преимущества
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SMM agency that generates leads for kitchens and cabinets

Want to sell more?

leave a request, and we will do the rest



Портфолио ЗОВ копия
Портфолио City копия
Портфолио Лайт копия
Портфолио Mossman копия
Портфолио Артим копия
Портфолио Эко копия
Портфолио 169 копия

Average conversion rate - 10%!

We have already generated over 35,000 leads for our clients!
And we continue to generate over 4000 leads monthly!



Алёна и Максим (283).JPG


Maxim Kochorba

Social networks are our established future.

  • ВК, иконка
  • ТГ, иконка


Fyodor Rakhmatov

SMM for a brand is, first of all, consistency and consistency in actions.

  • ВК, иконка
  • ТГ, иконка


Tatiana Ryabtseva

Every detail should reflect the essence of the brand. Your potential buyer should fall in love with you while browsing your communities.

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